Can't add searched music/SFX anything

I keep refreshing, not entirely sure what is going on but I search and try to add music/SFX and the bar goes across the top as though its loading it and then nothing.

Really frustrating, I have a game in less than 12 hours, this is usually the easy part of my prep.


Can you send a vid of what you are experiencing and we can take a look.

There are a few perhaps I could suggest, but that might be wasting your time.

One thing I do know = all the servers are running at nominal at the moment, and we are getting no other similar calls for help, so we are looking at something we should be able to fix for just you. :slight_smile:

I would love to send a video but I am unsure on how to do so? I recorded a video but it says I can’t attach it? Also a new issue I had in the middle of the session is I would click a sound effect like ‘Electrical Hum’ and it instead was the sound of jungle noises… I would cancel that and click Electrical Hum and it would sound like electrical hum.