Cannot start Syrinscape Fantasy Player


When I try to start the fantasy player, the loading page does not disappear. It lasts for around 30 minutes now. I have the problem since the update. I don’t have the problem with the other players, that I did not update.


@black_devilnb I’ve reset things at our end. You should get the same result by logging out and back in, or visiting to unbless existing devices. But there’s also currently an intermittent error at AWS where we host some files. I’m not sure if the AWS error was already happening when you first posted this.


Thank you very much, I can log in again :slight_smile:

Most of my Soundsets are gone, I guess that is due to the AWS error?


@black_devilnb Nothing that was previously installed should be “gone” (uninstalled). But the app might not be aware of all the soundsets you are authorised to install. It will direct you to the store instead of allowing you to install, in that case. Logging out and back in should fix that by forcing the app to fetch an updated list of authorised content.


Okay, the problem is back, and unfortunately I can’t log out. When I log out on the webpage, I automatically log in when I start the player. And the player don’t start.

When you logged me out, it worked one time. I there some automatism that I put off so it doesn’t log in automatically?


@black_devilnb You could try to unbless your device via the link I posted earlier. But this might not require a new login. What I did for you last time was to completely remove the device (not just unbless it) and available soundsets data to try and force a new login. I’ve just done this for you again.


Thank you. Yes, the unblessing does not solve the problem. Is there a possibility to log out myself?


Hey @black_devilnb I’ve clear your blessed devices completely on our server.

Working now?

Though… you only had one device there… so maaaaybe that was not the prob?


Thank you for your help, but unfortunately you are right. I could log in one time, and thenit again didn’t work.


Okay, obviously there is some kind of conflict with the online player. I logged out there, and now I can use the fantasy player again.

The only things that are still missing are my soundsets.



  1. Soooo… are you definitely using the same account in both Players?
  2. Could you perhaps NOT use both Players on the on machine… reserve the Online Player for a phone or tablet?
  3. When you say your SoundSets are missing, what are you missing.

THANKS for your patience!!! :slight_smile: