Cannot search for "Call of Cthulhu" - RESOLVED


Hi there!

When searching for “Call of Cthulhu” (without the quotes) in the Online Master, the results come empty :frowning:

It’s quite a pain to browse around to find them when you’re a master subscription. Is this something that could be fixed?



@victorgonal We are currently working on significant improvements to the search features across the site and apps. Stay tuned!


In the meantime you might want to try typing only “Cthulhu” (without quotes, obviously) - it will show other stuff that has cthulhoid references but you get a much reduced list of soundsets to browse through. :slight_smile:


The current search works best with single word searches so as others have said just searching for Cthulhu will bring up any soundset with Cthulhu in the name. If you are looking for the Masks of Nylarthotep soundsets you can find these by searching under the prefix “Mon” as that title is used in all of those soundsets.

As Sonofconan has said above the new search engine we are working on has lots of significant improvements and will make searching for things MUCH better and easier!

In the meantime another way that you can seach is by heading to the STORE PAGE and clicking Call of Cthulhu in the game system filter. That then brings up all of the sets that we have tagged at Cthulhu. But once the new search engine is in place it will do this directly in the app for you :slight_smile: