Can you add sounds to the generic pool? -RESOLVED


I’m not sure if the area has a name, but when you have an open soundset its the pile of buttons in the bottom right, the ones that persist no matter which soundset you have open in the player.

Is there a way to add/remove buttons in this area? It has sword swings and hits, but lacks nice generic slamming sounds for monsters without weapons/growling/etc.


Yup. Just upload a SoundSet containing the OneShots you’d like to have as Global (using the SoundSet Creator) (Global is the word for that bottom righthand corner).

Then let me know and I’ll make them Global.for you on the server. Then when you install that SoundSet in your Player, those OneShots will appear at the bottom right instead of the top right.

Sense makes?



Just gotta figure out… how to make a SoundSet. I’m pretty sure I can figure that one out with the info available, I’ll let you know. Thanks!


Quick question for you, will this outright replace the current set of Global sounds? Should I include OneShots in my new SoundSet that are currently Global, but I want to keep Global?

EDIT: If so, what SoundSet has the default Globals in it?


Yeah. You’re going to want to Uninstall Bugbear Battle, which will make most of the Global OneShots disappear and then make a SoundSet with any OneShots you DO want to appear there.

Sooo… if you want sooome of the Bugbear Battle OneShots… import that SoundSet into the creator and copy those elements into your NEW SoundSet. Upload and then let me know.

Let me know how you go!


You can see which SoundSets belong to which SoundSets on our FAQ page here:

…under the heading:
“Why do I have only some of the Global OneShots?”


Alright! The only one I couldn’t find was the “Victory” sting from the old Globals, it wasn’t in Bugbear or Stony Beach, but I’m not super married to it anyway. I uploaded a new SoundSet titled “Squiiddish Globals” with the ones I’d like to use.


I have the SoundSet installed in my client now, is there anything else I need to do for you to set it Global for me?


OK @squiiddish.

Clear the “Squiddish Globals” SoundSet from the Player… and then reinstall (OR run the Update)

Both under settings (the little cog).

Let me know if that works. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You even put the Victory thing in there! Perfect, this is exactly what I wanted. :grin:


@squiiddish Yay! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t resist putting that one in for you too.

Now it’ll be even nicer when people can do this stuff without even needing help… including setting OneShot ICON art = we are heading in that direction as quickly as we can.


That’d be fantastic, that’s really the only loss switching to these new Globals. I was kinda hoping when I pulled the OneShots from other SoundSets they’d inherit the icons, but they all have titles so it still works fine.

Looking forward to more adaptability though!