Can not switch between sound schemes


Every time I open the app, once I have selected a sound scheme to use, the app will not allow me to switch to another. I have had this problem now for 6 months, have posted here previously and have sent emails.

I have cancelled my subscription as this makes the product unsuable during gametime when I do not have the time to break the flow of the game and reboot the app, then search anew for the sound scheme I need. This makes the entire point of the product moot.

I just installed the new version on my laptop. No fix. This is the 3rd laptop i have installed this application on and it is the same on all 3 laptops.


This seems strange. Are we talking Windows based laptops? What OS are you using? Are you talking about the stand alone player(s) or the online player? And what happens, when you want to use another soundset - don’t you have a list to choose from? A screenshot of the situation could help here.


We’re already dealing with this one by email so no need to duplicate the chat here.

Once resolved I’ll post up the answer :slight_smile: