Can I use your artworks?

I’m an enthusiastic DnD Player from Germany. I’ve just started to publish my home-brew DnD Content on Instagram and was wondering if I could use your amazing artworks to illustrate some of my work. (With tagging you of course!)

Best regards,

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Sounds interesting. Is this a commercial project or a personal one? Do you have links so we can take a look? :grin:

We have made several of our backgrounds available for subscribers to download for their own personal use but it would really depend on how you are planning to use them?

First of all, thanks for the patience. The project is not commercial. At least not yet. The account just started off, but for the foreseeable future the project is a personal one.

Here is a look at our first post:

Hey there, how is it going. Did you think it is okay for us to use your artwork?