Can I move/duplicate a specific track from one Element to another? - RESOLVED


I’ve found some great music across the various campaigns. I’d like to create an element that shuffles/crossfades between several of my favorite tracks, but I can’t figure out how to move individual tracks into an element to take advantage of the shuffle capabilities. Is there an existing work around for this? If not, can I put this in as a feature request? I love how I can duplicate elements into a campaign, would love a similar function with individual tracks into elements!


@katie.hawkey You can, via the sample library. Expand the “Element Playlist” property inspector with the target element selected, then open the “Library” panel and expand “Samples”. Use the search function to find the sample you want by its name, and use the sample play control to confirm it’s the one you want. Then click the plus icon to add it to the selected element’s playlist, and drag to re-order if required, or set the “sample play order” to “shuffle” in the “Element” property inspector. Enable “Crossfade Samples?” with a suitable duration for no gaps in playback.


This currently doesn’t work for me. Used to work just fine in the old creator, but the samples don’t “stick” to the element playlist when I drag and drop and clicking the plus icon only triggers some sort of reload in my browser.


ah interesting! Because I had been looking for this option after clicking into the Property Inspector, and then clicking on a track opening the Sample info panel, the word Library was grey and between Property Inspector and Sample Info which were both open panels, I didn’t realize I could click Library to get a 3rd window to open. Maybe if Library was the 3rd tab I would have tried to click it? I think maybe I thought I was IN the library panel or something. I just remember looking at that link and thinking I was already in that panel, I never even tried to click it. You might also call it something like Search as that might be more clear on what I can do there. Just spitballing some ideas. Thanks for explaining how to do it! It’s a super cool feature!

Oh, wait, I tried to add something by clicking the little circle with the plus sign and I don’t think it’s working - nothings happening. Seems I’m having the same issue as Kimseide.


@katie.hawkey @kimseide This should be fixed now! Thanks for the report!