Can I make my own SoundSets?

Not only CAN you, we’d LOVE for you too! We released the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator just for that purpose. The SoundSet Creator is a simple to use but in-depth sound toolset which gives you the power to create and customize your own sound environments, using the same revolutionary tools we use! The Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is available exclusively to all SuperSyrin Subscribers.

this link no longer works. Is the soundset creator no longer available?

The Creator is now part of Syrinscape Online. Just follow the blue link at the top of the main websiteor head HERE

Thanks. I know it’s still in beta, but the sound editor is not very intuitive in terms of just being able to create a mood by being able to say drag and drop sounds into your custom set, drag and drop one shot buttons you want, etc. is user interface something ya’ll are working on atm?

Even a clear definition of terms would help, mood versus sound set versus sample versus property etc,

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Just bop over here to the YouTube tutorial videos for a full run-down!

The Creator is a powerful tool with lots of options. Like @HECook said hop on over to our YouTube page and you’ll see a whole load of videos to help guide you through using it.

You can find the first one here;

My suggestion would be to have transcripts of the videos created if only to allow searches of the content. People have different learning styles. I personally loathe YouTube tutorials and prefer to search through text. With video, you have to sit through the whole content piece before you get to something relevant to your issue.


Good idea. :slight_smile:

I’ll look into getting that done.

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Soooo… it turns out the transcripts are a bit of a long and winding path to making any kind of sense at all.

We are investigating other options… probably something based around a picture with lots of useful arrows and boxes of discrete info.

Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a Power Point presentation is needed!

I don’t envy the person tasked with turning all of your videos into transcripts Ben.

please don’t be me, please dont be me