Can I have open 2 of same sound programs


I am a superscyrin subscriber.
Figured out that the fantasy player would be better easier using, when I use different player’s during gaming.
Working with fantasy player on my tablet look’s better,
regarding screen background and colour’s.
I can use 3, but during games, it’s laptop tablet.

Being a long time subscriber,
I should have been using the Sound set creator and wouldn’t use the the player’s…
Any help would be great :+1:


Hey @thornbound :slight_smile:

Not 100% sure what you are asking here.

Want to explain a bit more? :smiley:


@benjamin Haha blame the Norwegian brewing.
Can I have open 2 of the same player’s, like fantasy player running simultaneously?
Deleted all my soundsets to rearrange them and maybe have the different player’s for different things.
Got 2 different speaker systems too spread the sounds.
It sounds like using separate player’s make’s sounds much more clear and powerful.


Yes, you can run Syrinscape on up to three devices simultaneously, in any combination of players. So you can run the SciFi-Player and the Fantasy-Player at the same time on different tablets.

It is a great idea to spread the sound on different speakers, utilizing two players. Let us know, how this works out for you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback and I will:-)


I ran a game the other day running the Online Player (controlled from my PC)

With TWO Online Player Apps playing the same (one was signed in as a FREE account which I set to FOLLOW my game…

It was fun having the sound come from different places in the room (with some nice delay between some of the samples, with just a normal amount of small latency.



I will give feedback ones I am back home and try running this my upcomming game thursday @benjamin. Thinking about a 3rd speaker with charakter sounds ( spells etc ) but it may cause to much interferance and delay. Fun project anyway


@benjamin it gave a great sound, but I believe using same player at different devices may caused some interference.
I think I will use a different player for my backup sound’s.
The problem may been just a glitch.
I am thinking about a 3 player for my player’s,
but will work with 2 sets 1st.