Can I download soundsets to Soundset creator faster? - FIXED


To use sounds creator I downloaded one and one soundset and it took crazy long time to my laptop.
Any other way to get this faster done and to see what I just downloaded ? :smile:


The creator takes a while to download because it’s downloading all of the individual sound samples as well as timings, 3d positioning etc.It has to download, transcode and install so unfortunately that will take some time. If you want to see what it’s downloading then the quickest way is to look at the soundset in your Player. I only tend to install soundsets into the Creator when I need a particular element or sample from them or want to make a copy of one so I can edit it


By 'crazy", do you mean 60 seconds or so, which is how long it takes for me (which can seem like a loooooooooong time) OR do you mean 15 minutes?

NOTE: Downloads are soooon goingn to become a thing of the past as we bring the Creator function into the universe of Master/Minion architecture… :+1:


About a minute or so depend on the size and if its wireless connection.
But there are many many sound-sets, when you have sci-fi & fantasy sets.
Waiting for only one at a time and kill my patience, when I just did it with my laptop :wink: -)

I will wait for soon instead Ben :smile:
hope we get some Lovecraft love soon


Yeah. the “no downloads needed anymore” is going to be goooooood!