Can I create muffled sounds? - NOTE THIS EVERYBODY


I’m trying to achieve the effect of hearing sounds through a door or wall e t c. Muffled really. Is there a way to do that - maybe with a reverb preset?


Hey @bjornsundell YES!

It’s been something I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

Prompted by this post, I have made two addition Reverb Presets:
Through a light door
Through a heavy door

They both apply a fairly heavy low-pass-filter.

Have a go and see if you like them :slight_smile: :smiley:



Greatness! I will update my Steading of the Hill Giant Chief soundset immedietly! Thanks!


It’s interesting how different sounds are effected differently. Some end up REALLY quiet and others don’t really change much. It’s all about the specific EQ parameters I put in and then general ‘colour’ of the samples.

I can add additional variations if that helps.

(I note there is no reverb that utilises the very MAXIMUM possible reverberation length… I might add that too)