Campaigns not loading - RESOLVED


Ive created a new campaign but can’t get it to load in the Syrinscape player for some reason…All my old ones are there but the new one won’t show up. I’ve rebooted the computer and tried the Reload option and Relogin option several times.


Hey Shaun,

I’ve hit your account with a hammer.


If not, what is the name of the specific campaign you are not seeing?

Most importantly, THANKS for your support as a sub!!! :beers: :cake: :pizza:


I’ve also been creating some test campaigns. They won’t appear in my players (sci-fi or fantasy). I’m guessing you bash teh account a little from your end but is there something I can do as a user? A secret ‘reload’ through some interface?

Thanks again


@matt1 We’ve just made some changes that should improve the situation.

The short version is you hopefully don’t need to do anything, but if you are expecting an update to your available content you can now log out and back in to force an update.

See here for more details: