Campaign Hasn't Updated in iOS App

I have created a custom campaign titled “Warlock King”, and I have 4 custom sound sets in the campaign; Starting Sounds, Orbedal, Larloch’s Lab, and Escape.

When I try to access the sound sets via the iOS app, Starting Sounds, and Orbedal load and download with no issue. But Larloch’s Lab and Escape both show “Install the SoundSet (65.1KB)”. When I install and try to reload to refresh the sound set, nothing appears.

This issue was persistent with another custom campaign I created, where it only downloaded parts of the Sound Sets. This campaign has since been deleted.

Are the Sound Sets too large? Is there something I can do on my end to push this through?

I’ve tried clearing all sound set data and reloading, but it’s just this campaign that I seem to be having an issue with.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I was able to improvise a solution by recreating the sound sets and copying over the moods. They were then pushed to the iOS app.