Calling All (Wanna-be) Voice Actors


Hi All,

One of the things that grates on me (as a GM) over the years is the fact that all my NPCs sound like the same person - me! This has become even more pronounced as I record NPC speech bubbles for Syrinscape for my games.

I’m sure you have this problem too!

So what I am proposing is that we use this thread as a “register” of those that would like to read and record some NPC “scripts” for others, with the idea that others will do the same for us.

We should use the following template:

Name - Gender - Age Band - Accent - Recording Facilities - Notes

So, let’s get together and build a list of different “voice actors” that we can all share with each other.

To get the ball rolling I’ll use myself as a volunteer:

Dulux-Oz - Male, Mature (late 40’s), Australian Accent, Amateur Sound Recording Facilities (PC, Headphone Mic, No Soundproof Room but Quite Room) - Check out my YouTube Videos for samples of what I sound like and the quality of my recordings.


Name: Craig
Gender: Male
Age: Early 30’s
Voice: London accent - can range from very sterotypically cockney to quite posh!
Recording: High quality microphone, no soundproof but practically zero background noise (I dabble with audio editing and have the ability to remove hiss etc.)


Name: Lord Entrails
Gender: Male
Age: Late 40’s
Voice: American West
Recording: Arctis Steel Series 7, quiet room, no echo


Great idea, and a highly valuable resource :slight_smile:

Name: Steve (Obviously)
Gender: Male
Age: Early 40’s
Voice: Derbyshire/East Midlands accent.- Can range from common localisms to quite posh
Recording: High quality microphone, with soundproofing and professional editing software

I also have several amature voice actors that have helped voice many of my soundsets that I can call on :slight_smile:


Name: Christopher
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 30s
Voice: Bland American, but can do bad French, too
Recording Setup: Blue Snowball, quiet room (but not soundproof) Check out my podcast for voice samples.


Name: Sean McInnes
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-Late 30s
Accent: Bass - Baritone. Australian (naturally articulate, can do ‘bogan’ too). Also trained performer, able to do other accents too.
Recording Access: Unfortunately minimal as I now live rurally.
Notes: Previously a professional stage, film and voice actor. Currently a performance coach tutor and freelance MC.


Name: Dagobah, Crimson Nib
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Voice: A Canuck living in Oz, that is attempting to mess with accents for my NPCs
Recording Setup: Audio-technica mic with behringer digital mixer, no sound proof room, but that’s why a dynamic mic, links to my podcast are: (campaign diaries), and also a GM on Sleeper Island (


Name: James
Gender: Male
Age: Any
Voice: American (several regional accents). Old prospector. Serious ant-hero. Blues man. Merchant. Dudley Dooright. Heroic Giant. Precocious Child. Classically trained singer.
Recording: Good recording mic. Editing software.


Name: Matteo
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Accent: I’m Italian so I can totally do our weird english-speaking accent but I can also speak without one. Also I enjoy to tie certain NPCs to some Italian accents and I could do that while speaking English too (to get a rude, Tuscanian farmer for example).
Recording Facilities: PC and headset mic, no soundproof room but I can get a quite one for sure.
Also I LOVE doing goblin voices if that’s something needed. Madmen are fine too.


Name - Han
Gender - Male
Age Band - Any adult
Accent - Fairly neutral (“RP”) British, but can do a wide range of British regional accents, as well as several other nationalities, and non-human voices.
Recording Facilities - PC, headphone mic, quiet room; could source higher-quality equipment if necessary.
Notes - Amateur actor with some voice recording experience.


Name - Dave
Gender - Male
Age - 40’s
Accent - neutral American (North West?), Posh English (London?), Bassy, Baritone, tenor. Untrained but I’m up for any challenge.
Equipment - Yeti USB mic


Name - Kurtis
Gender - Male
Age - Mid 30’s
Accent - American, Southern, Northern, Deep vocal range and bassy, I specialize in monsters.
Equipment - MXL-v63m, Neewer NW-700, Tascam DR-60DmkII 4, I have the use of our Church recording studio (not the best in the world, but better than nothing)


Name - Nick
Gender - Male
Age band - Adult
Accent - General American, Bostonian, New England, New York, Louisiana, Cockney London. Also able to do Heath Ledger Joker & Jack Nicholson-type voices, as well as your standard angry Scottish Dwarf and excitable Gnome.
Equipment - CAD E100s Condensor mic w/Audient iD4 interface, sound treated room.


Name - Matthew

Gender - Male

Age Band - 20’s-40’s

Accent - Neutral, Always interested in being challenged with other accents, good at mimicking voices and accents.

Recording Facilities - Behringer B-2 Pro Mic, Recording Studio with Element Mixers, Adobe Audition for Program.

Notes - Access to Radio Station as I work in radio. Done voice-over work before as well as an actor for most of my life.


Hi folks!

Name: Joey Bracken

Gender: Male

Age band: 20s-50s

Accent: Neutral British (but stretches to all sorts)

Recording facilities: A self-built soundproofed vocal isolation booth w/ a Rode NT2A running through a cute little Focusrite 2i2. I do most of my editing for voiceover in Adobe Audition.

Notes: I’m a working voice actor but mostly I do commercials … and I’m really stoked whenever the chance for something more interesting comes along! You can hear some bits of mine at