Calling All (Wanna-be) Voice Actors

Hi All,

One of the things that grates on me (as a GM) over the years is the fact that all my NPCs sound like the same person - me! This has become even more pronounced as I record NPC speech bubbles for Syrinscape for my games.

I’m sure you have this problem too!

So what I am proposing is that we use this thread as a “register” of those that would like to read and record some NPC “scripts” for others, with the idea that others will do the same for us.

We should use the following template:

Name - Gender - Age Band - Accent - Recording Facilities - Notes

So, let’s get together and build a list of different “voice actors” that we can all share with each other.

To get the ball rolling I’ll use myself as a volunteer:

Dulux-Oz - Male, Mature (late 40’s), Australian Accent, Amateur Sound Recording Facilities (PC, Headphone Mic, No Soundproof Room but Quite Room) - Check out my YouTube Videos for samples of what I sound like and the quality of my recordings.


Name: Craig
Gender: Male
Age: Early 30’s
Voice: London accent - can range from very sterotypically cockney to quite posh!
Recording: High quality microphone, no soundproof but practically zero background noise (I dabble with audio editing and have the ability to remove hiss etc.)

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Name: Lord Entrails
Gender: Male
Age: Late 40’s
Voice: American West
Recording: Arctis Steel Series 7, quiet room, no echo

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Great idea, and a highly valuable resource :slight_smile:

Name: Steve (Obviously)
Gender: Male
Age: Early 40’s
Voice: Derbyshire/East Midlands accent.- Can range from common localisms to quite posh
Recording: High quality microphone, with soundproofing and professional editing software

I also have several amature voice actors that have helped voice many of my soundsets that I can call on :slight_smile:

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Name: Christopher
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 30s
Voice: Bland American, but can do bad French, too
Recording Setup: Blue Snowball, quiet room (but not soundproof) Check out my podcast for voice samples.

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Name: Sean McInnes
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-Late 30s
Accent: Bass - Baritone. Australian (naturally articulate, can do ‘bogan’ too). Also trained performer, able to do other accents too.
Recording Access: Unfortunately minimal as I now live rurally.
Notes: Previously a professional stage, film and voice actor. Currently a performance coach tutor and freelance MC.

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Name: Dagobah, Crimson Nib
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Voice: A Canuck living in Oz, that is attempting to mess with accents for my NPCs
Recording Setup: Audio-technica mic with behringer digital mixer, no sound proof room, but that’s why a dynamic mic, links to my podcast are: (campaign diaries), and also a GM on Sleeper Island (

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Name: James
Gender: Male
Age: Any
Voice: American (several regional accents). Old prospector. Serious ant-hero. Blues man. Merchant. Dudley Dooright. Heroic Giant. Precocious Child. Classically trained singer.
Recording: Good recording mic. Editing software.

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Name: Matteo
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Accent: I’m Italian so I can totally do our weird english-speaking accent but I can also speak without one. Also I enjoy to tie certain NPCs to some Italian accents and I could do that while speaking English too (to get a rude, Tuscanian farmer for example).
Recording Facilities: PC and headset mic, no soundproof room but I can get a quite one for sure.
Also I LOVE doing goblin voices if that’s something needed. Madmen are fine too.

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Name - Han
Gender - Male
Age Band - Any adult
Accent - Fairly neutral (“RP”) British, but can do a wide range of British regional accents, as well as several other nationalities, and non-human voices.
Recording Facilities - PC, headphone mic, quiet room; could source higher-quality equipment if necessary.
Notes - Amateur actor with some voice recording experience.

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Name - Kurtis
Gender - Male
Age - Mid 30’s
Accent - American, Southern, Northern, Deep vocal range and bassy, I specialize in monsters.
Equipment - MXL-v63m, Neewer NW-700, Tascam DR-60DmkII 4, I have the use of our Church recording studio (not the best in the world, but better than nothing)

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Name - Nick
Gender - Male
Age band - Adult
Accent - General American, Bostonian, New England, New York, Louisiana, Cockney London. Also able to do Heath Ledger Joker & Jack Nicholson-type voices, as well as your standard angry Scottish Dwarf and excitable Gnome.
Equipment - CAD E100s Condensor mic w/Audient iD4 interface, sound treated room.

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Name - Matthew

Gender - Male

Age Band - 20’s-40’s

Accent - Neutral, Always interested in being challenged with other accents, good at mimicking voices and accents.

Recording Facilities - Behringer B-2 Pro Mic, Recording Studio with Element Mixers, Adobe Audition for Program.

Notes - Access to Radio Station as I work in radio. Done voice-over work before as well as an actor for most of my life.


Hi folks!

Name: Joey Bracken

Gender: Male

Age band: 20s-50s

Accent: Neutral British (but stretches to all sorts)

Recording facilities: A self-built soundproofed vocal isolation booth w/ a Rode NT2A running through a cute little Focusrite 2i2. I do most of my editing for voiceover in Adobe Audition.

Notes: I’m a working voice actor but mostly I do commercials … and I’m really stoked whenever the chance for something more interesting comes along! You can hear some bits of mine at

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Robyn (Rem or Remedeez)
Early 30s
Standard non-regional American accent (I can do Southern American, Valley (West) American, childlike voices, and I am practicing others including various British English and other European accents)
High Quality Samson Condenser mic with pop filter, no soundproof room, but capable of removing background noise myself or sending raw unfiltered audio to users who prefer to do their own editing
For my generic, regular speaking voice you could watch my very very very old streams or YouTube videos ( or

Notes: I’m not a professional but I did extensive theater in high school and college, and I have hosted and guest hosted on several podcasts across a span of about 5 years

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Name: Nonimo
Gender: Male
Age Band: 10’s~60’s
Accent: Central American, Western, Japanese, British, Russian, Various Stereotypes
Recording: AT 2035 condenser Mic, Quiet Room with Some Sound Proofing

I’m an amateur voice talent who is seeking to put more of his foot into the industry’s door. At the moment, my craft is mostly spent on being a DM and roleplaying in VR. I’m currently working on a proper voice reel.

I’m still interested in doing some voice work.
I’m reliable and I’m good at what I do.

You won’t be disappointed. :^ )

Ok, so I’m looking for someone to do maybe a half dozen “Old Prospector” type voice cahptures. If someone would like to volunteer please email me at