Call of the Netherdeep

Does anyone know if there are plans to develop an official D&D Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep SoundSet? I’m sure I can pull together my own custom sets but would love to see an official one. Thanks!


I’d like to know as well. Our group just started with zero session and I see little reason to keep my subscription if I’m going to be running something Syrinscape isn’t supporting. I realize that WotC makes the call, but it’s my money.

Ps. A response to the OP would be nice

Signed up yesterday for the free trial in the hope to find a Netherdeep soundset. No update on this?

Call of the Netherdeep isn’t an adventure that we are currently planning on building official content for, but there are already lots of existing soundsets that would work well with the adventure.

This would be a great adventure to be built as Community Content using the Syrinscape Creator.

Or if you wanted to list a few of the scenes here we could put together a list of soundsets that would work.

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