Call of Cthulhu Campaign Soundsets you like?


I’ve used Syrinscape for running The Haunting and None More Black so far. I was wondering if anyone had specific sound sets they enjoy using for other CoC scenarios?


Other than the Mask of Nyarlathotep set? I like the Nyarlathotep set (not to be confused with the Masks set) along with the Cultists set, because it provides extremely creepy atmosphere and a excellent climax, if you like your action-oriented. Elements - Horror in the Fantasy Player, or several of the Strange Aeons set, particularly the Blighted Tower set (which is set is 1920s Paris). Mountains of Madness (Sci-Fi) player is another good one, as is Cthulhu Rises!


Thanks! Didn’t know that Blighted Tower was in 1920s Paris. That helps.