Calender content 2019 :)


Any Idea on upcoming Syrinscape content 2019?


More Starfinder - Dead Suns, Pathfinder - Curse of the Crimson Thrones, Call of Cthulhu - Mask of Nyarlathotep and of course much more Dungeons and Dragons.

There will also be a lot more new content for each of our licensed partners as well as more Syrinscape Originals covering all genres.

Plus the release of Syrinscape Online, a big overhaul of the Syrinscape Soundset Creator and LOTS more super secret news. Keep an eye on the forum for future updates


Are there still plans on posting a release calendar on the website? I can find it when searching Google for it (though nothing for 2019 is listed) but can’t seem to find a link off the About Syrinscape page any more.


looking forward to the sound creator overhaul! I love making sound sets, but the current system just feels clunky in some ways.