Calcutta and Call of Cthulhu


HI Folks - About to run the Calcutta chapter of Two Headed Serpent for Call of Cthulhu. Can anyone suggest anything Indian themed or suitable for over the top pulp action?




The current Call of Cthulhu sets for Masks of Nyarlathotep hold many sounds of pulp actions - revolvers, fisticuffs, knife-fights with cultists, etc. If you want to add a flair of the exotic, the Exotic Palace set in the Fantasy player adds some sounds of gardens, monkeys, tropical birds, and elephants. In addition, the set “Slaughter in Soho” has three moods from the Blue Pyramid, which has some more exotic music that sounds more Indian.

What sorts of other sounds are you looking for? Anything specific?


Thanks for the suggestions - I looked at the Exotic Palace soundset and while interesting was not appropriate. In the end I just found a Bhangra play list on Spotify and used that. I was really looking for exciting combat music with an Indian theme - but in the end just straight up Bhangra worked.

I haven’t really had time to get myself up to speed with the sound set creator and tend to just use the premade stuff. Next up though is Dragon Heist (shifted to Ravnica) :slight_smile: