Bulk upload custom sounds

Hi, when creating my own soundset, is there a way to bulk upload sounds? Or do I have to create an element for each and then upload it separately, one at a time? I feel I’m missing it if there is- I can bulk upload, but they all become part of one element that then plays them randomly all at once?

Ok- I think I’ve just found the shuffle/ order option- so I can bulk upload to one sound where they play one after the other. I assume there’s no way to upload to just my ‘library’ to add to individual sounds without bulk uploading to one element first?

Heya, :slight_smile:

When I want to upload 10 OneShots with 10 separate individual soundeffects… I:

  • create one element
  • upload the 10 samples into that
  • set all the paramenters
  • duplicate
  • delete 8 samples
  • duplicate
  • delete 7 samples

Does that work?