Bug with sequential play

There seems to be a bug with sequential play.
For some reason, some of the loops play with inconsistent sequence timing even when the “delay between samples” is set to 0.
This is especially noticeable in “looped” sounds - I edit a sound to make it sound as if it’s looping (for fights for example).
Sometimes the loop plays exactly right, and on other times there is a 2-3 millisecond delay between each iteration (in the same loop, that is).

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Hi @nimrod_yanai :slight_smile:

Yes, the audio engine we are using in the players is NOT optimised to get to audio abosultely acurately enough for music overlaying or transitioning… sometimes the engine allows system delays in the order you are mentioning.


  1. If you count delay from start, then if a single sample is delayed then there will be no accumulation of errors.
  2. This way you can have multile channels or music overlaying randomly (or being added in or faded out = in the ways computer games routinely do) WITHOUT these separate layers drifting out of sync.
  3. A big consequence of this is that each sample in the playlist needs to have the same number of bars content (though note the actual sample does NOT need to be the same length = as you are counting from the start).

Check out how Barry has done this in part two of Salvage operations OR how I have done it with the chase music in Frostmaiden or Dragon Heist.

Let me know if all that makes sense and ask more questions if you need to.

I’ll check those out when I have the chance. Thanks!

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