Bug report - moods not starting for a second time

I am experiencing a strange issue with some of the moods I created.
When I have a mood with an element that is set to repeat only once (I usually make those when I have a lot of elements and don’t want to start scrolling through them, so I just create a mood with a single element, but also if I have two elements, one “starter” element and then a looped one), the mood will play once correctly, but if I turn the mood off and the on again after a few seconds (after the fade out ends), the element that is set not to repeat will not play.

I start the mood, it starts great, then I turn if off, and when I start it again, the element set to play once is not playing, or sometimes starts playing after a very long delay (which is not set in the creator).

Any news on this? It still happens all the time.
I created a video to show this but apparently we can only upload images.

Hi @nimrod_yanai,

Sorry about the lack of response here!

This WAS a bug that was corrected with the latest release of the Fantasy Player (I presume you are talking about that and NOT the Online Player?)

Are you using the latest version, which should be: 1.4.11-p9

Update and try again?

That worked!
I checked the forums and saw that there is no software update push, I just need to download a newer version once in a while.

Thank you!