Bug Report: Minimizing / Maximizing changes monitors


Hey guys!

I’m just trying to submit a annoying bug report.I have a 2nd monitor set up as a digital map table. Whenever I minimize and maximize Syrinscape from my second monitor, it switches over to my first monitor. This is annoying because it is a constant interruption during the middle of the game.



Hmmm… this sounds like a feature of Windows rather than a quirk of Syrinscape…

What button(s) are you using to min/max, I’m trying to reproduce this for myself, there might be a simple solution (eg using a different button or method). :slight_smile:


Well, it might be a feature of Windows, but I will say that it only happens to SyrinScape. As for minimizing, I use the minimize button on the top right of the window. As for maximizing, sometimes I click it from the taskbar, but more often I alt-tab it back.


Sooo… I run 3 monitors.

No matter how I try to max and min, Syrinscape is always appearing back in the place where it was before…


Is there anyway of min/maxing that DOESN’T move it for you.

  1. Like maybe just focusing on the thing below Syrinscape instead of actually minimising it?
  2. OR Switching the monitor that is the ‘primary’ display?

NOTE: Syrinscape is built in Unity, so if you are Googling for solutions grouped together with your display card or other bits of content, then called Syrinscape a ‘Unity game’ or ‘Unity app’

I will do some Googling too!

Do NOTE: I have NEVER had anyone else raise this issue… so we should be looking for something unique about YOUR system or displays or drivers or something…

Also, might be ACTUAL Goblins! :wink:


Are your monitors the same size? If not could that have something to do with it? Maximizing to the bigger screen thinking’s it’s the “primary” screen.

Note: I have never had more than one monitor so this is me taking a shot in the dark.


I’m sure it’s something unique about my system, but that’s the trouble with tracking down bugs on the PC… everyone has a unique system! :smiley: Let me give a bit more detail. This is a bit complicated so if there is any questions, ask and I’ll try and better explain.

I also have three monitors hooked up, but the computer thinks there is only two since two of the three are hooked up to a Denon receiver. My receiver has the ability to send out a signal to two monitors at the same time. As far as the computer is concerned, there is a Denon receiver and a 1080p generic Dell monitor. The Denon receiver is hooked up to a 42" plasma (the map screen) and a 55" OLED TV which sits behind me and mirrors what is on the map screen. The Dell monitor sits behind my DM screen and is used to control the music, sound, pictures, and maps. The Denon reciever is listed as Monitor 1 and the 1080p Dell monitor is Monitor 2. All of this is hooked into an Nvidia GTX 1080.

So SyrinScape is always on Monitor 2 (the Dell monitor behind the DM screen), but when I minimize it and then bring it back, it goes over to monitor 1 (the map screen / Denon receiver).

I have my Starfinder game this Sunday. I’ll try and film exactly what happens and send it over. Also, I’ll try to figure out if there is a specific way that causes the problem and maybe some that don’t. I’ll report back after then.

Thanks for all the help so far guys.
BTW: I love SyrinScape! It’s really taken my games to a whole new level.


I am pretty sure it has something to do with your Denon receiver distributing the signal. Have you tried just plugging in one of the large screens directly to eliminate possible errors?

Also - which version of the app are you running (version number)?


Yeah, with this sort of thing, you kind of want to go back to absolute basics and then introduce each element in one by one and see where the chain is broken.

Let us know how you go!


Hey @solamon77

Chrome just did this to me. I was viewing Chrome on one window and I minimised and maximised and it appeared back on monitor 1. But haven’t been able to get it to do it again! lols

Maybe try starting Syrinscape on different monitors… maybe that has an effect?