BUG REPORT: Elements reorder automatically

I am dragging a sound effect to the top of the list in the creator. Most elements are automated with moods, but there is one (spell effects for combat) that I activate manually if there are spells in the battle.
However, whenever I reload the creator, all the elements are sorted again by type instead of how I arranged them.

Hi @nimrod_yanai,

Yes, OneShots always appear last on the the list of elements.

Music elements, then all other types (except OneShots), then OneShots.

If you want an element that only plays once BUT can still appear earlier in the list, you could make an sfx element that has “repeat playlist” NOT checked. It’ll play once and then stop each time you start it.


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Ah, I didn’t explain well enough.
I am not talking about One Shots. This is a sound effect.
I have moods for battles, and if there are spells in the battle, I also add the spells sound effect manually. Therefore it’s easier if it’s at the start, since the rest of the elements (except for the One Shots) are automatically started with the moods.

Ah, if they are just normal elements, then they should be staying in the order you are putting them.

Wanna share a screen shot of them when you drag them… and then after a Browser refresh, showing them moved? (maybe with some circles around things so we are 100% clear what you are saying.

We’ll get to the bottom of things! :slight_smile:

This is the element I am placing at the top of the list:

Then, after I reload the interface next time, it drops back down to where all the sound effects are:

It stays at the top of the sound effects list, but I need it at the top of the list for all elements. The rest are automatic anyway, so I don’t care about their order, but this one I activate manually.

Ah, yes. So as I said, the interface enforces:
Music elements, then all other types (except OneShots), then OneShots.
You can rearrange within each section, but the sections will appear in that order.

btw that is a LOT of music elements… are they all music? Music should only be needed for tracks you want to glue to the top of the list (and indeed elements that require NO 3d positioning)… might you make lots of those normal sfx elements to get your spells closer to the top?

Well, first of all, you say “Music elements, then all other types (except OneShots)” as if that’s a thing. So far as I saw, there is only music, sound effect and oneshots, nothing else.
So basically the order is musc->SFX->one shots? That’s unfortunate :frowning: But oh well.

As for the music elements - I have no idea what elements are supposed to be. I use the music elements for the “background music” that plays all the time. SFX are other sounds I play during game (like hammer clinks or steam or boiling cauldrons or stuff like that, that plays on top of the music).
I’m not sure what the difference will be if I change the music tracks to SFX ones. Never really though about it.

If it makes no real difference, why are there two different types?

Happy to shed some light there. :slight_smile:

  • Music elements don’t do 3D positioning of sounds.
  • sfx elements (can) randomly choose a distance and direction for each individual sample playback.

It sooooounds like you might be missing a few chunks of fundamental ‘Syrinscape’ knowledge? Consider checking out this playlist of tutorial videos? There might be some good stuff in there that will help.

Asking questions here is good too, though. Always happy to help out. :slight_smile:

Maybe, but based on your description it sounds like I used them correctly - my background music is meant to play in the background of an area, like a computer game. It doesn’t need 3D positioning or distance, as it is meant to be static.

Would be helpful if there was a “pin” option on elements, to keep them in their place despite the automatic order.

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