BUG: Multiple Tabs Playing Same Thing

Hey team,

So there must have been a change recently, within maybe the last month or so.

Normally I run the web version in multiple tabs in Edge - I run multiple tabs because one tab might be for my music soundset, and another tab might be for my currently playing mood. Sometimes I open a third for searching for other soundsets and having it in queue until needed, etc.

What is happening though is each tab plays the same material that might be playing on another tab, so I end up getting echo because there are multiple instances of the same soundset being played at the same time.

Tab1: Mood is playing (one of yours)
Tab2: Music Soundset where I play my specific music.
Tab3: Mood in queue, waiting for when the moment to play is right.

Another session tonight and it still happened… :frowning: I just can’t open another instance of the web player without hearing it play the same stuff over itself. It is a real bummer because like with tonight, I was playing one Avernus mood, but I also wanted to play a red dragon attacking from another soundset. Nope :frowning:

Each Master Interface you open will connect to, and control, the same session. This explains why you get the echoing effect, because each window is doing its best to play the entirety of the sounds for the session.

To avoid the echo, depending on your browser, you could try Muting the excess browser windows so they do not contribute to the sounds you hear (but can continue to use them to control what is played).

Alternatively, you could make use of the still available legacy Master Interface at https://syrinscape.com/online/master/, which does not have the ability to play sounds directly (it requires an extra app to play the sounds). In this way, you can open multiple of these without adding extra layers of sound.

We hope to improve this situation, but for now, hopefully this gets you out of trouble.

Clear as mud? :grimacing:

I’ll give the muting a try.

Not sure why this just started happening about a month ago though, was it a change in your code, with Edge (Chromium, just like G.Chrome), or with Windows 11?

As best I understand this is always how the Web Player has worked, but it could be that we changed some links so more of them point to the newer https://app.syrinscape.com/ which looks visually very similar to the https://syrinscape.com/online/master/. In this way perhaps your normal workflow went from having one Web Player embedded Master Interface and multiple Web Player-less interfaces, and all of them having a built in player. Did you use the Online Player (the separate app that needs to be installed and run outside the browser to hear the sounds) in the past? Actually, are you still using the Online Player?

The Web Player is prevented from making any noise before there is a user interaction (unless the browser trusts the website for some reason), so this could be compounding things also, you could potentially open many Master Interfaces, but the extra ones only join in with their sound when you visit that page and start clicking around.