Bug: Fantasy player keeps crashing


As title; first I had the problems on my laptop, so I figured its the device since its not a very powerful laptop. But now I’m running Syrinscape on my desktop, which is mighty strong and should not have any problems with the software. But… it keeps crashing. The program just closes and that’s it.

Any fixes on this?

I’ve noticed that it’s certain elements that do this, try running different elements individuallyand see if it crashes. I’ve also noticed that it can be when too many elements are playing. Your PC can be super strong, but if your internet isn’t as good, it can be the chokepoint. At that point the player freaks out and crashes.

This is all with the Online player, I’m not sure how much this transfers to the normal ones, if you’re using them. My advice, again, is to play other soundscapes and see if they also crash the player. If they don’t, then you know that it’s something to do with the specific ones.

Some of the particulars I found are Owl sounds and Ocean elements (though Ocean Swell has been fine).

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