Broken Custom Mood through SoundSet updates (Offline Player) - RESOLVED


Hello Support,

i bought some Soundsets some time ago and built some custom moods accourding to my tabletop scenarios. (I do this in the offline player, because i have the tabletop area to far away from the internet) After some time some Soundsets were uninstalled (got updated on the server, as i figured out in the forum). I had to install them again. All Elements that i integrated in my moods from these reinstalled soundsets got deleted from my custom moods. I repaired that through adding them all again some time ago. It happend again. Is there any way to “save” such a offline custom mood? (I guess not, because there is no way to export)

Does this also happen in the online player?


Custom moods in the Offline Players are only really meant to be temporary. They are stored directly to your devices cache memory and are meant as way for you to save a state in between sessions or as part of your game prep.

If you want to be able to fully customise soundsets or even build your own then you really should be looking at Syrinscape Online and its in built Creator. the online player you can build entire new soundsets, copy and edit existing ones, upload your own samples and music and have your creations available across all of your devices :slight_smile: