Break functionality for oneshots

We need to have the option to use a oneshot as a “break” for sounds without fadedout.

Why is this useful?
Imagine I want to have a “scratching record” comical oneshot. The point of such a sound is that it stops the music when it’s played.

An example from my current setup - a dramatic pitch sound raising in volume. I usually play it to end dream sequences or just sessions on a clifhanger (I have this really cool background whispers sound that I play for it).

The idea is to have instant silence after or during the oneshot plays.

The proposed functionality:

  1. Add a checkbox to the properties of each oneshot to say if it will break sound play.
  2. IF said checkbox is checked, a slider with a single marker will appear. The marker will suggest at which point of the current playing sample the rest of the sounds should break (0% at the start, 100% at the end).

An example of this type of behavior from cinema:

(Not the best example as this one has a very short “echo” at the end, but you get the gist).


Interesting idea. If there were reasonable demand for this, we’d ceratinly consider putting it on the list of TO DOs.

Anyone else who would use this?

You can certainly create a MOOD that triggers the “record scratch” OneShot AND turns off the elements you are wanting to stop = but indeed, those elements will fade out (perhaps a little too slowly). I suggest putting some silence at the begining of the OneShot, so the elements have sometime to already be fading out by the time the “record scratch” starts… AND if the “scratch” is reasonably looooong, you should be able to get them out of the way by the time it stops?

A workable solution?

That’s what I’ve been doing so far, it’s just a lot of hassle for something relatively simple :slight_smile:

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