Brand New Need Basic Info

I’m a new subscriber as of today with a D&D subscription. I just need some basic information about how to add sound sets that are included in my subscription. I just clicked on two of them and I was told by the interface that I just purchased them and that confuses me. Blacksmith was one of them, it loaded with some cool sound effects but informed me that I had purchased it. How do I access those sounds that are only included in my subscription?

In the player you should have access to all soundsets as a subscriber, you just need to download them. It will thank you for purchasing them, but just ignore it.

Thank you, that is exactly what I needed to know.

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Thanks for helping out @asimmons = XP to you.

QUESTION: why don’t we have an actual XP system here yet?!?!

OK. I managed to give you a BAGDE anyway! @asimmons :smiley: