Bought sound sets not showing up in player - RESOLVED


I have restarted all three blessed devices, and no Dragon Heist is showing up to down load after i purchased it about a half hour or so ago? Any help?. Yes I have logged out of the devices and logged back in, refreshed etc… where is my purchase?


Do you want to email us at support@syrinscape, using the email address that your account is registered under. I can then take a look at your account for you and see what’s happening


Same here, bought incident at absalom station … knowhere to be found, only the free one … email sent already.

username : malhagor


Incident on Absalom Station is found in our Sci-fi player. Make sure you are looking for it in the right Player, I’m guessing you are looking in the Fantasy Player? The soundsets will all appear with the prefix IAS

The soundsets description in the store always tells you which Player soundset will appear in by default. There will as also be instructions on how to move sets between the Players, using the Campaign Manager. :grinning:


thanks for pointing out my silly mistake :stuck_out_tongue:


= the best sort of mistakes. :grin: