Bluetooth Speaker - No Sound


I’m having trouble getting my SoundSets to play on my bluetooth speaker. Everything works great from my tablet and from my computer, but when I select my bluetooth speaker for my audio output, everything goes silent.

I have cleared data and re-downloaded several times, same results. Any ideas?


When do you choose your Bluetooth speakers as output device? It often happens that Syrinscape is started before the speakers are connected. If that’s the case - Syrinscape uses the output device it recognizes when it starts.


Yes, what @new_vision said.

Syrinscape sometimes has trouble picking up the new audio driver.

Removing and reinstalling content is def NOT going to help.

BUT also, look at you device itself. What are you running from? Bluetooth can be pretty awkward… I find even big mainstream apps like SPotify take a couple of restarts before they route correctly through to Bluetooth (especially on my car).


I’m trying to connect to a Google Home. I will try establishing the audio connection using another app first then, fire up Syrinscape. I will report my findings.


I’m using an app called Chromecast Audio Stream to cast sound from my Windows laptop to the Google Home and Mini’s. Much better results than with BT. You can find it at Github.


And you can play Syrinscape’s sounds through this?


Yes. Basically it uses the home/mini/chromecast as an additional output. I mute the sound on my laptop as it plays on both and there’s a tiny lag.

There are some troubleshooting tips on his github as well. I had to install Bonjour on my laptop (already had it on my desktop which I was testing it from initially)

It’s free, so worth a try to see how well it works for you. If you are running Win 10 make sure to install the Windows C++ redistributable from Microsoft (linked to on the github page)