Bluetooth problem - RESOLVED


So I have a little hiccup with the Syrinscape app on my I pad and possibly other devices. It seems that unlike other audio player apps like you tube and music players like pandora which play continuously through my speaker with no issues for hours (tested with you tube only however), syrinscape doesn’t seem to have the same treatment, as after about 15 minutes the speaker turns off its bluetooth for some reason. I’m unsure if this is a inactivity thing or something else but it does hinder my sound capabilities as the speaker makes a loud power down/up noise. Any help for this would be awesome. Thanks.

Additionally it seems your app also does not play with other audio players active so I cant work around the issue by playing something low in the background like a ambience video from YouTube or even my iTunes. Any help is appreciated.


Because of the app being built on unity it can’t play in the background. So if the device playing syrinscape goes to sleep or the app goes to the background the sounds will stop.


I know that that’s not my issue my speaker doesn’t register its playing and times out is the real issue


@kainevillante I have a few questions:

  • Does this happen consistently after the same amount of time every time?
  • Does it happen in every soundset, or only some soundsets?
  • Is the time before the sound cuts off measured from the time the bluetooth connection is established, or from the time the soundset is started?
  • Can you fix it by stopping and starting the mood, or do you have to physically turn on the speaker, or do you have to go into the iPad settings and re-establish the connection to the speaker?

I have a bluetooth speaker (Wonderboom) and iPhone here. I’ll try to play bugbear battle for 20 minutes and see if it cuts out.

UPDATE: 20 minutes and still going.


Though I’m hoping it is not the case it could he that the new speaker I have has a problem with it, ya so it doesn’t matter if i stop and start the mood it is always around 15 or so minutes after I connect to the speaker. The speaker is the device that stops not the ipad pro. I’m thinking of sending it back but I really like the light it has for my space… even if i could stop and start the sound to prevent the problem I feel like that doesn’t really fix my issue just creates more work on my part which is the purpose of me getting syrinscape.



Can you play a 3+ white noise track reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally soft in Spotify (in the background) to keep the Blue Tooth speaker on and run Syrinscape too?


I have tried that on my ipad with you tube and even itunes (which can play even without split view) and am unable to play two audio applications at once (when I play one and try to start another the first gets paused). Additionally I cant splitscreen syrinscape app on my ipad for some reason…


What is the make/model of the speaker?

When the problem happens, and you hear the loud speaker shutdown noise, does just turning the speaker back on work, or do you also need to restart Syrinscpe or re-play the previously playing moods/elements?

My Wonderboom speaker also makes a loud noise on startup/shutdown and it automatically shuts down after a period of inactivity, but for me Syrinscape does seem able to prevent the inactivity shutdown from occurring.


It’s a nuveon flare lantern speaker pretty new… ya that’s happening to me it not shutting the app down, the speaker bluetooth just goes to sleep, though it doesn’t do this with you tube and I’m just trying to understand why that is. I can play the app without a speaker but the ipad isnt the loudest and I really liked the light that the nuveon has too though it’s looking like a wash and I may just send it back.


Yeah, that is weird. If Syrinscape is still actually playing audio the whole time, I can’t see why the inactivity shutdown would occur for Syrinscape but not for YouTube.

If you play a looping element like rain that makes noise 100% of the time until you stop it, does it still shutdown after 15 minutes?

You could also try to reach out to their technical support to see if they can tell you under exactly which circumstances it will automatically shutdown.


Yeah… maybe there is a volume threshold?

Maaaaaaybe turning Syrinscape right up and the master volume DOWN on the speaker would fix?

Definitely see if you can ask for help from the speaker company (good luck there). :email:


I decided to get actual speakers and move to a PC setup lol but thank you everyone.