Bluetooth causing crash


Win 10 latest updates
Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Causes my laptop to freeze at times
  2. Sound stops after a short time

Seems your app has issues with Bluetooth.


Can you give more info? Type of computer? Operating system? Sound drivers?

I use Bluetooth speakers and a Bluetooth headset and nothing like this has ever happened. I’m no IT wizard but if the whole computer is freezing it sounds like something more than syrinscape and you might need a driver update.


Lots of people use Bluetooth with Syrinscape without any issue (including the Syrinscape team) so I’m afraid it looks like the problem is something more local to your system.

Make sure that you are using the most up to date sound drivers. You may also want to check to see if some overzealous malware protection is maybe interfering with Syrinscape’s operation and causing a memory access lockdown.

Another thing to check might be a display conflict. Syrinscape is built on Unity 3D, so maybe search for info on your OS and Display Driver set up conflicts with Unity Apps?

When someone had this issue last year they discovered that their speaker was causing a DCOM error and locking up the system, they were just running Syrinscape in each instance and thought it was the culprit.