Blue Alley Adventure Soundset Ideas


Has anyone run the Blue Alley adventure from DM’s Guild? Any suggestions for soundsets for it?


If you will let me know what’s in it, I can certainly give you recommendations! What sorts of locations, monsters, moods, encounters, weather, etc.?


It’s essentially Tomb of Horrors lite–a place of traps and mysteries created by a wizard.

Encounters include:

Will o’ Wisp fight in a library-type space
Flying Sword
Skeletons (x6)
Magmins (in an incinerator room)
Specters (in a room with a mural of Helmish funerary rites)
Smoke mephits (hidden in the platform-jumping room–see below)
A group of boggle janitors (I think of them vaguely like the Cleaners in Labyrinth)
A unicorn

Room full of lightning arcing across, essentially in Tesla coils
A bunch of heavy metal spheres tumbling out to knock the characters down
A pit room full of traps
A room of whirring blades
A room of invisible bear traps (skeleton fight occurs here)
Elegant rooms that have fallen into disrepair
Some mystical, high-magic areas
A glorious treasure room, piled high (spoiler: it’s a trap)
A room of mirrors (they may shatter, but not necessarily)
An area of swinging pedestals (similar to the platform-jumping area in White Plume Mountain)
An Alchemical Lab
A filthy alleyway

Moods vary from eerie and frightening to magical. The entire thing was designed by a mad wizard and is regarded as one of the more dangerous places in Waterdeep.

Thanks–I’d appreciate any help I can get!


Okiday, let’s break this down:

Library - Library of Arcana
Incinerator Room - Glassworks or Elements - Fire, and use the furnace noises for background.
Helmish funeral - That’s buried upright, full embalming, full casket, yes? You may want some of the Dungeon Depths sounds (for a stone room), Spooky (for atmosphere).
Room full of lightning - Disjunction Chamber, plenty of sparks!
Room full of traps - Dungeon Depths and Kobold Lair both have lots of traps. Also works for invisible bear traps.
Mystical, high-magic areas - Shimmering Veils
Glorious Treasure Room - A bit of Shimmering Veils, perhaps also Preserver Artifacts (Sci-Fi Player), using the “divine beauty” mood to give a feeling of awe before the trap hits.
Alchemical Lab - Mad Scientist’s Lab.
Filthy Alleyway - Dragon Heist’s Alley, perhaps combined with some sounds from Seedy Tavern (coughing, wheezing) or Swamp (flies) to indicate filth.

Will 'o Wisp - They don’t make much in the way of noise, but its attacks (lighting or magic missiles, depending on your edition and rules) can be represented by the Lighting Bolt or Force Missile universal one-shots. Maybe add in a little bit of Spooky or Elements - Horror to play up its incorporeal/undead aspect.
Flying Swords - Try some Elements - Wind and use the universal one-shots or Fighter - Male (Valeros) sword sounds.
Skeletons - Zombie Battle actually has “skeleton bones” elements. Turn off “zombie mumbles” and whatnot and you should be good.
Shadows - Wraith Battle
Magmins - use the Fire Elemental set, maybe adding in some Goblin Battle for vocalizations and mischief.
Smoke Mephits - Try Catacombs of Wrath, the Battle in the Cathedral set. Eliminate most of the sounds except Elyrium’s sounds and flapping wings (flying fiend wings) and then add in Elements - Horror, specifically one of the Mist elements, to represent the smokiness.
Boggle Janitors - Goblin Battle or Kobold Lair would be your best bet. If they have some strange device to do the cleaning, perhaps the “diabolical machine” one-shot in Dungeon Depths or “windmill machinery” element in Magnimar.
Unicorn - Like… an attacking unicorn? Or unicorn just being around? Against the Cult has two one-shots, one labeled Perception Check which is a whinnying sound, and one labeled Triggered, which is a galloping sounds. Never Ending Nightmare also has three unicorn elements, two galloping ones and a whinnying one.

Rolling metal spheres - Sci-Fi Player’s Natural Disaster’s “earthquake rumbles” culminating in Debauched Gala’s “table tragedy” one-shot.
Elegant Rooms in disrepair - Could do Magnimar’s “derelict townhouse” mood, combined with a bit of lonely wind from Elements - Wind, and even some structural creaking from Angel in the Tower. Misgivings House or Deserted House would also work.
Room of whirring blades - You may want to use Hell Swarm here, with the tinnitus turned up and throw in the occasional sword hit one-shot to emphasize the metallic nature.


Thank you so much!!!