Blessing device is weird - RESOLVED


It doesn’t work properly. I am using Syrinscape on multiple devices (my PC, my Macbook, my tablet, sometimes on my notebook).

Mostly on my PC, when I constantly (not always but it is annoyingly often) get info, that my device is not blessed. Well… IT IS! It should be! I did that. I opened minutes ago creator and I had to “rebless” my computer, which is on the list already. And I have to do this every month (if not twice in month). Other devices are not that often used, so I don’t get this screen often (which on tablet would be real pain in the asset! since it is really not easy to get through all steps on the touch screen).

Why’s that happening. Same computer, same system, same version of Syrinscape [Creator] and yet need to re-bless.

I hate it!


If you attach/remove a device that causes Windows to change its device ID (like removable hard drives and stuff), you will have to rebless your device. As Syrinscape is checking for the device ID to recognize your legitimate devices, you just have to make sure that you start the apps with the same setup as the last time and everything should be fine.


Great, I will remember to use VMs instead then. I have tons of peripherals that I am switching all the time. Not a good experience then…


Yeah, but it is not so much a Syrinscape problem, but more of a Windows problem. :wink: The DeviceID is a PITA! :wink:


Also I believe you can only have three blessed devices, and it sounds like you’re juggling four. That’s not going to help matters.


Then why use this PITA?


The used devices have to be tracked somehow? :wink: Not every hardware connected causes the DeviceID to change. For me it is not awfully hard to use my standard setup when working with Syrinscape.

As DrVesuvius pointed out - you seem to be using more than three devices. That, in combination with ever changing hardware, may be the root of your personal evil. But now, as you know the cause, it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid those pits, right? :slight_smile:


Not gonna quit on using my accessories just because of that. I will rather jump into the VM to use Syrinscape instead.


Yup unfortunately the way Unity, which is what Syrinscape is based on detects the PC’s ID is based on the registratry configuration so any changes to the system will alter that. I have the same issue unfortunately and it’s not something we can bypass.

At least now you know what the issue is rather than just thinking it’s a random error. Since all of your custom settings are saved in the cache memory it has to detect the ID this way