Blessed device saying it isn't blessed - RESOLVED


Trying to use the app on my android and when it opens it says my device isn’t blessed. It says I can only have 3 blessed devices. I took one of my laptops and my old phone off my account so the only 2 things that are blessed are my phone and laptop, but my phone still says it isn’t blessed. What do I do?



What you do is ask for help, which you’ve done! :smiley:

Have a go now, I’ve manually cleared ALL your blessed devices.


MAINLY = THANKS for your support as a sub!!!


I have this same problem with my laptop. :frowning:


Nevermind, it seems to have fixed itself. lol


This seems to have solved the issue! Thanks so much!!


Having the same problem today… Trying to bless my wife’s phone for a murder mystery party wee are playing in 5 hours :open_mouth:

Edit: Actually it looks like all of my devices need blessed? Le sigh


Huzzah! It is now fixed.


Hmm… so maybe a bit of slowness from the server… but getting there in the end! = a bit annoying!

Good it is working now!

Game on ALL!


Im unable to bless my devices as well even tho it keeps redirecting me to the same site…been tryin for about 20 minutes now? How long does it take to update or how do i fix it?


Have a try now @katana1997

I’ve given your account a reset!


Perhaps not a constructive contribution, but what does having a “blessed” device mean? I’m an Apple user, so not familiar much with the world of android.


You can use Syrinscape on three devices. Blessed simply means that the device is one of the ones you are using Syrinscape on


I’m having the same issue. I just installed the desktop app, and I keep blessing it…maybe I should cast guidance first!


Nevermind! I found it in the Online (Beta) section and cleared my registered devices. Works now! Awesome!