Blessed device saying it isn't blessed - RESOLVED


Trying to use the app on my android and when it opens it says my device isn’t blessed. It says I can only have 3 blessed devices. I took one of my laptops and my old phone off my account so the only 2 things that are blessed are my phone and laptop, but my phone still says it isn’t blessed. What do I do?



What you do is ask for help, which you’ve done! :smiley:

Have a go now, I’ve manually cleared ALL your blessed devices.


MAINLY = THANKS for your support as a sub!!!


I have this same problem with my laptop. :frowning:


Nevermind, it seems to have fixed itself. lol


This seems to have solved the issue! Thanks so much!!


Having the same problem today… Trying to bless my wife’s phone for a murder mystery party wee are playing in 5 hours :open_mouth:

Edit: Actually it looks like all of my devices need blessed? Le sigh


Huzzah! It is now fixed.


Hmm… so maybe a bit of slowness from the server… but getting there in the end! = a bit annoying!

Good it is working now!

Game on ALL!