Big thumping sound


I have a “dungeon” that is actually a large mining plant/refinery. I was hoping to find a deep, heavy, distant sound like a very large piston hitting the ground every so often. If anyone knows of one I would love the help.


Blacksmith might be one. But, it may not be as deep or infrequent as you’d like. :thinking:

I know Blacksmith is under Bustling Port Town.


Funny enough, last night’s session took place in a mine. Deep bass bump is good for that. if you have your speaker on the table, it shakes it, so that’s cool. screenshotting with some other recommended sounds.


I knew of the blacksmith but that was a little too high pitched. Thanks though.

I’ll try those out. Luckily the game is just starting and I don’t believe they will be heading straight for it.


Try the “great big feet” element in Ettin Battle, that should work. :slight_smile: