Beta test our iOS build


Hey all,

I’d love it if a few people would grab testflight and have a good play with these Player builds. Just want to be sure to be sure this is all working well and correctly before we switch this on for the wider public!




Just got it. Will let you know what’s up with it. Using mobile (iPhone 6 I think)


It’s late so this is just a few quick things I found.

  1. Swiping left to open the sound sets doesn’t always work. You have to start from the very left of the screen, and even then it’s only so-so if it opens.

  2. I downloaded “shipboard” and only 3 one shots were downloaded. None of the other sounds came with it.


Click the button at bottom right to toggle showing elements. All sounds working, when you click a mood?


This is often very slow during Syrinscape’s startup background downloading/startup. Is it working easier now that that startup has stopped starting up?


THANKS!!! :+1::cookie:


I clicked the button and the sounds show up but no sounds play. Turned the mood on and off again and still nothing. Went into settings and hit reload and still nothing. Download “blaster battle” and no sounds played on that one either. I can still see the bar around the play but as if it is playing, just can’t hear anything.


Can confirm that when downloading a sound set, the swiping function does not complete. It stutters then goes to its original position. When the download is finished it still is a bit hard to find the right place to swipe. I tend to swipe left or right from the middle of the screen. It feels like I have to be almost all the way to the left of my screen to swipe and get it to finish the action.


Those better be chocolate chip and not raisin.


Anyone else find anything, or shall we put these in for final approval?

@Steve @new_vision


Hey Ben,

I just saw this post and I’ll be trying it out on my iPad tonight. Will this test version function in the background?


Never on iOS, sadly. It’s just not a thing Apple allows.

Our Android version does here:


Just for infos of people who read this in the future, from our FAQ:

Why won’t Syrinscape run in the background on iPads and iPhones?
Syrinscape uses the super powerful Unity engine for its 3D surround audio. At the moment that’s what’s stopping it from going into the background. Think of Syrinscape more as a fully fledged sequencer (like Garage Band = stops in the background) than a music player playing a single mp3! Often Syrinscape is playing back 20 or more sample simultaneously, each with dynamic positioning, reverb and even doppler effect. Performance and responsiveness becomes a BIG issue when processes go to low power mode, and there’s issues with keeping Unity running and not destroying the rest of the Tablets system, thus Unity (and hence Syrinscape) pauses atm. I have actually found it is best to have Syrinscape sitting open on the table in front of me so I can change Sounds with just a single touch. Just make sure you keep the screen brightness low-ish so as not to drain your battery.

ALSO: Remember you can sign in as you on up to three devices at once, so you might get one of your players to bring a tablet to devote to Syrinscape for the game, with the bonus that they will get to keep the sounds when they are home too. Just make sure you leave a chunk of time to download necessary content.

Does that all make sense?

That said, should it become possible to keep Syrinscape running in the background at some time in the future, be assured, we will DEFINITELY go for it! It’s something I would like too!