Beta Player Bugs

I made a bunch of sound sets with the Beta Player for my games. And at times. The moods will play elements that are not set for it. I have a bunch of moods that each just have one element of music. But at times, when I select the mood, it will sometimes play another element. The last sound set I made, It does it all the time. Even when I re save the current state. I know Beta, and its prob pointed out. Maybe I can try to be more specific and narrow down where the problem is in the future.

off topic, I would like to have my User name not my email name, and There is no where I can find in preferences to change it.

forgot I wrote this. As usual no bug, just very bad User. When I added an element those times I had that mood selected instead of a blank element.
Awesome program anyway. Love it.

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This was an easy fix. Sorry I missed it, but happy you sorted it out.

Do you still need help changing your User Name?