Best soundsets to get a feel?

Best Syrinscape Soundsets?

I use a ton of music and sounds in my sessions. I’ve recently signed up for syrinscape’s free month trial. I’m trying to figure out which soundsets to try, honestly it’s overwhelming. For context on sounds:

I run a homebrew, that vibes between horror(cosmic lich) and beautiful shire-style moments. I need sets that let me make my players sweat with anxiety and cry with happiness/sadness. It’s all fantasy.


Welcome! For horror, Elements - Horror covers all your bases. Also the Strange Aeons and Curse of Strahd adventure paths/campaigns have a great deal of horror moods.

As for beauty, try Romance, Temple of the Healing Hand, Jan the Noodling Bard, Tabletop Music, and the hoedown music from Gnomeland Security!

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Thank you! In the “beauty” genre, I’m looking for ethereal piano with a vibe similar to “the last guardian” soundtrack. Are there any soundsets that would facilitate that kind of energy?

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Shadows of Esteren has a lot of beautiful music (though much is melancholy), as does Romance, and several tracks in Realm of the Frost Maiden (“flow” and “berg”). In the Flooded Cavern set there is an element called “music for massive spaces” which has several very nice tracks.

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