Best Soundset for French Revolution/Ancien Regime/Three-Musketeers-like Game

Hallo. Newbie here. Which soundsets would folks recommend for historical games set in, like, the French Revolution/Ancien Regime or Three-Musketeers eras? Thank you!

What kinds of places are you looking for? If you’re looking for a city, etc, try Brindol Town or Magnimar (Big City). For muskets, try High Seas Battle. For sword duels, High Seas Battle has swords clash and sword swooshes, as does Vrock Battle. Rogue - Female (Merisiel) has some swashbuckling-type sounds like swinging from ropes, climbing, etc. Fighter - Male (Valeros), Wizard Spells (Ezran), Cleric Spells (Kyra), and Rouge - Female (Merisiel) have some weapons sounds (sword, crossbow, scimitar, staff, dagger) along with various exertion, injury, growls, and laughter.

If there is a riot (as often happens in a revolution), Aria Park Protest is your best bet, perhaps adding some Elements - Fire if things go really sideways.

What other sorts of places, sounds, or events are you looking for? I can certainly recommend some more if you let me know what you need! :slight_smile: