Best option to use Syrinscape and roll20 - RESOLVED


I know that Nolan has said that integration is not possible.
But has anyone had any luck using Syrinscape and roll20 I use roll20 for my games for many player related reasons such as easy to use, sign-up, many more people etc etc

I know that some discord setup is possible but since I already use a virtual audio cable for my mic, would a second one be possible or any easier setup?

I am so mad that Roll20 won’t work in integration, adding Synrinscape soundtrack pack to the modules or as extra purchases would be the perfect fit.


Yes Fantasy Grounds and all of the other major VTT programs work well with Syrinscape but unfortunately Roll20 not so much. We have several guides in the ProTips section for ways to use Syrinscape with Voice software but your best option is Syrinscape Online. It works independently of whichever VTT you are using so you can use it whilst still using Roll20


I bet integration could still be had with a browser plugin. Listen for roll20 javascript events and trigger syrinscape elements and moods based on those events. Unfortunately, I’m already overloaded with work and could never dedicate time to maintaining such a thing.


I will definitely check this out, I WOULD LOVE to give all my money lol to Syrinscape and stop or reduce the looking for soundtracks online.


The Syrinscape Online Player is pretty much exactly for this use. I use it with Roll20.


Time to tell everyone at Roll20 about

Looks like it’s all working MOSTLY smoothly = a few little bugs are emerging, but we are killing them quick.

We used it in this game, and no-body died… well Characters died, but no Players died…


Hi Ben, Love Syrinscape, thanks for all of your work! Might there be a chance someday that syrinscape online could be made web based instead of an app that needs to be installed? I find that getting my players to want to install another application to be the biggest hurdle.


We are, in fact, investigating the possibility of the Syrinscape Player running as a WebGL… so hooooopefully… :smiley:

There are many things that maaaay stop this being a thing… but you never know!