Best Fantasy Music


What are your favorite sound sets with awesome music, for battles and other stuff? I don’t do the subscription thing, but am quite willing to drop a couple of bucks.


I like Music - Hell’s Rebels. The fighting music from the Dragon Heist sets. The fighting music from the Ghosts of Saltmarsh sets. And the music from the Descent into Avernus sets.


Thanks HeCook. I’ll check those. I have the DH ones already, but I’ll check into the others.
Any other suggestions?


I have just yesterday sent a music set to Community Content application after this had come up earlier. I composed and produced nearly 45 minutes of cinematic orchestral music, ranging from exploration, suspense and action cues. As soon as Ben or Steve see and check it, I will post a notification (:


Tabletop Music is also a great one, Music - Epic Star Battles (developed for the Sci-Fi player, but works either way), Music - Travel, and Shadows of Esteren - Dearg (great emotional music).


Great! sounds awesome. Please let me know. :slight_smile:


How can I access community content? It’s not obvious in the store. Thanks!


Community Content can only be accessed with a SuperSyrin Subscription, I’m afraid.


Once published Community Content appears directly in the App and is visible for all SuperSyrin Subscribers to download and install. If you don’t yet have a sub then now is a great time to hope on board.

Full access to over 500 Soundsets, Community Content, Ownership of any new content released whilst you sub and access to Syrinscape Online for virtual gaming and of course the Creator to be able to make and share your own creations :slight_smile: