Best 3rd part integration


Looking for world campaign builder 3rd part integration for 5e
Who would you recommend + and why?
I do not care about the price it cost.

All feedback really appropriated!


I think you’re looking for either the DOM SoundLink Library or Rob2e’s Fantasy Grounds Sounds - both available from the DM’s Guild.

Note: both sets of SoundLinks are designed to work with Fantasy grounds and the DOE: Sound Extension (Plug-In).

If you’re not using Fantasy grounds (even just for prep) then I don’t know of anything else - sorry.


Thx for the feedback Dulux_Oz been think about that but I more looking for Obsidian portal/ World Anvil etc.
Thought about getting Fantasy ground but all my games so far is around a table,
but love to try DM online inn the future ( Just got a feeling its loads to put my head into )
Not sure if Fantasy grounds is of any use for my game table.
Love the DOM Sound link on how it looks according a YouTube video I watched yesterday but haven’t tried it yet.


Well, I use Fantasy Grounds both online and around a physical table. I find it a great tool to organise things (a bit like OP / WA etc) and, for me, it takes a lot of the drudgery of GMing out of it - you know, the boring stuff like calculating hits, damage, etc. The software does all the boring stuff for us and allows us to concentrate on the story and the game. And by tying in Syrinscape (via the DOE:Sound Extension) we not only get sounds but they’re automated - I don’t have to think about playing the “Sword Hit” sound when the fighter hits with his sword, it happens automatically - as, btw, the “Sword Swish” sound when he misses.

Did it take me a while to set all this up? Well, yes, but once its set up its set up forever, across all my current games and future games.

So yeah, I really like Fantasy Grounds for all my gaming - both physical and virtual. There are some Tutorial Vids and Gaming Session Vids on my YouTube Channel if people want to take a look-see, and we’re always happy to answer question over on the FG Forums (where I also lurk) :slight_smile:

Hope that helps



Thx again Dulux_Oz for your feedback:ok_hand:
When I got more time on my hands I will make contact about this stuff,
just need to get my campaign written into World anvil ( amazing world builder ) and
get done with Christmas stuff. Will probably have time some time earlier next year.
love starting a campaign next year and would probably need some good digital software like Fantasy-grounds who have the 3rd part integration with your DOE:Sound Extension. thx again - Ill poke your latter :wink: