Ben on with DnD


Watch our game. It was very funs! from minute 47.


Cool - our game is being Twitched on Sunday at 04:00 UTC.

Of course, you won;t see my “ugly mug”, just hear my melodious voice :joy:


Yays! Have fun!

[extra characters]


I’m halfway through watching this and really enjoying it!

If I may ask, what soundset/mood is being played at 56:40? I really like that mood and I’m not sure if I’ve come across it before.


Thanks @michaeld180

I went and had a listen. It’s the “Flooded Cavern” SoundSet = pretty echoy drips and some really nice music. I should probably break out the individual tracks of that one so you can trigger the specific track you want.

I’ll add that to the TO DO list. :sweat:


Oop! I already did.

Yeah, so it’s the “The long deep pull” track specifically… with the lovely drips etc


I found it. I also really enjoyed the “Quite a hum you’ve got there” track. Those two tracks are some really nice hidden gems.