Behaviour of Element Properties in Creator - RESOLVED


Hi there.

I am trying to learn how to create soundscapes at the moment using the Creator (as the Online Tool is “only” a player at the moment if I didn’t miss anything?).

Anyway, I was trying to create Moods for different parts of a space ship. I am using the same Elements in different Moods, e.g. on the bridge, you are supposed to hear the engines humming and clanking and whatnot, same as in the engine room.
BUT: on the bridge, the engines would have a lower Volume than in the engine room. And a different Reverb Preset. And maybe other things.
What I noticed when fumbling with the Element Properties was that when I change it for a certain Element in one Mood, it is automatically changed for the other Mood as well. Is this intended? Sometimes, the different volumes for different moods would indeed be saved separatley, but I haven’t found out the system behind this yet.
If need be, I could just copy the elements I guess, but this seems so much less elegant than it could be…


Sooo… Elements are cheap, that is, having extra elements does not make a SoundSet download bigger, or use any addition memory.

Soooo… make duplicate elements with different settings in each.

eg: Engines humming loudly
andL Engines in the distance.

MOODS only:

  1. start and stop elements
  2. set the volume of elements.

It was decided that having MOODS vary the parameters in elements might lead to confusion.

Does all that make sense?!

btw have you watched the Playlist of Syrinscape SoundSet Creator Youtube tutorials?


Unacceptable. I want my money back this instant, retroactively for all the months I have been subscribed and someone point me in the direction of a tool that does everything Syrinscape does, but also factors in my weird obsession with minimalism!

But earnestly, though: thank you for your quick and practical reply, especially at this time of day (you are in the UK, right?). I was just making sure this was indeed intended to behave this way. I watched the tutorials twice, once when I initially subscribed and now that I finally found the time to tinker with the creator again. Does it answer my question already? If so, I missed it twice…


I think you’re limiting the scope of this way too much. I think we should refund EVERYBODY! :slight_smile: I mean it’s only fair! :smiley: Even people who don’t like the concept of, and have never used the Creator for this very reason! I’ll see if we can take out a loan to make that happen tomorrow! :rofl::joy::tired_face::dagger::space_invader:

Thank you for making me literally lol


We are, actually, quite soon… going to make an actual doc with all this stuff laid out as clearly as we can make it… less enthusiastic Ben, and more bald facts… just watch me try! :smiley:

Just getting the Creator functioning directly on our server… which is going to be AMAZING muchly betterer!

Most of all… and most seriously… THANK YOU for your support as a sub… we will in fact always try and make this thing better, and anything that makes us think is a good thing!:wink::blush: