Bed Moving on wooden floor

Hi Folks,

looking for recommendations.
I will be running Call of Cthulhu’s “The Haunting” soon. I am looking for a sound to represent the bed in the house moving across the floor before, hopefully, punting one of the players out of the window.
So any suggestions?
Many thanks in advance.

How about the “chairs and bumps” element from Friendly Tavern? Or Oriental Tavern has an element called “the furniture!” which could also be useful. :slight_smile:

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Hi Holly,

thanks for the suggestions.
I have had a listen and neither of these are quite right, or long enough, and, I was looking more for a Oneshot than an element, although I know I can keep an eye on it and stop it when the first sound has finished (the bed only moves once).
I found a video on YT of a sliding door in the end and saved it as a local file and added to my playlist I created in Spotify to be played alongside Syrinscape.
Thanks again though, much appreciated.