Battle Music! What's your favorite?

Drop your favorite battle music! I’m trying to compile as much of it as I can on syrinscape in one area.

Check out Tabletop Music community content. It has a mix of battle music and music for other settings

Seconding Tabletop Music! I also like Music - Hell’s Rebels and the music from Baldur’s Gate (“battle at the gate” in particular). Music - Epic Space Battles from the Sci-Fi Player is great too.

Hey all,

My favourite battle music is always the one I just wrote most recently.

This is a sneak preview at the chase music for the big Ten Towns chase in Rime of the Frostmaiden (not released yet).

I was quite happy with the whole exotic-northern-tribal-techno-thing I managed to get here.


*ducks for cover :smiley:

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Not that that answer is much use to anyone here…


I’ll come up with some other options…

…later! :smiley:

LOVE IT! Give me more!

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I like it a lot! The techno aspects really feeds into the portrayal of the whole Chardolyn… say construct. All while preserving the tribal elements.

Dig the new chase music, Ben!

My other favorites include Hell’s Rebels (oldie but always a goodie), Battle At The Gates, the combat music from Earth Elemental (I think this is also from Epic Space Battles), and Orc music (I think it is from Battle of Wolven Pass).