Bats, Flock of Bats and Bat Screeches


I was wondering if there were any ‘bat like’ sounds in Syrinscape. I’ve been looking around but I wasn’t able to find any bat flapping; bat screeching sounds. Is there anything like this? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Skaveling Battle has some big bat-like sounds, most particularly cave sounds and sonar. It has larger, slower wing flaps and really good bat screeching sounds. I also like the screech from the Giant Rat Battle. The Flying Fiend Attack has much faster flapping wings of a smaller size, so they sound more bat-like.

The screeches in Black Stars Beckon’s Aeven-Vhor are great, as are the “vampire screechs” element in Castle Ravenloft.


HECook beat me to it! but yes Skaveling Battle works very well :slight_smile:


I’m just gonna add my vote here. Did a session where my party was in a damp and dank cave/dungeon/cult layer and the scaveling screetches worked amazingly! Just be careful cause they are high pitched and sometimes start out loud.


If the pants are scared off of your players, all the better, says I!