Background image removal or disable

So I am running Call of Cthulhu and I want to use the Masks of Nyarlathotep sounds. I noticed, however, that when you trigger one of the moods from a soundset, an image of the scene gets displayed in the Online player.

I feel like some of the images might preemptively spoil things in the scene for players ahead of time. Is there away to just put up a default image that transmits to all the players linked to the online player?

Hey @jaytothepee :smiley:

Easy to fix.

Just go to each SoundSet and hit duplicate, this will create your own personal version of that SoundSet.

This will have two main consequences:

  1. it will replace the art with a generic color blur
  2. you’ll be able to full customise this version of the content = adding extra elements, reording OneShots, bringing in your own samples etc.


I’ll give it a try, thanks!

When we were testing the online player, we noticed on ISO, the player needed to remain in the foreground in order for the sound to work. On Windows, it continued to function as normal even if the online player was minimized.

Is there a way to have the player continue to transmit sounds on ISO while it is on in the background?

When you say ISO are you talking about a Mac tablet or iPhone? If so that is a limitation of the phone’s operation system not syrinscape and as far as I know can’t be changed since apple locks down there OS.

Working in the background on iOS like this:

(though, yes, not sure phones can do that?)

Thanks for the work around. I too am bugged by spoilers given by the pictures.

Would it be possible to request that a feature be added to the configuration that just allows us to check the option to turn off the picture for all sound sets? It would be easier than having to duplicate several sound sets strictly for the reason of turning off the picture.

Plus, I would suspect that cutting down on unnecessary duplicates would help you by not eating up server storage space.


Yes, totally, this is on our TO DO LIST… not at the top yet, but it’s rising. :slight_smile: