Awe inducing music?


I’m running a homebrew session on sunday, and at some point the players will be in the same room as some divine heralds of a couple gods, which should leave them in a state of awe. I’m looking for some appropriate background music and/or ambiance that’ll match the mood. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated while I continue to dig through the archives. :slight_smile:


The Sci-Fi player’s set Preserver Artifacts has a whole lot of “awe” ambiance of various flavors! Shimmering Veils in the Fantasy player also has some magical resonance that sounds very awe-like. Some of Shadows of Esteren might also be appropriate.


Ooh Shadows of Esteren has some good stuff, I think I’m gonna save this for a later session. I think I might use the Bell Monk Temple, the drone + the monk’s I think will give the right feel. The magical resonances felt good too.


From 300, Returns a King is pretty awesome.

Or go surreal and grab the ending of 2001.